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The Mountain 2.0 | Everything That Rocks!

September Mourning Interview

September Mourning joined Brittney on The Mountain 2.0 for an awesome, in-depth conversation.


We had a chance to dig in to the band’s latest single “Body Count”,  an aggressive track stemming from years of pent-up anger on multiple fronts for Emily Lazar, aka September.

We also discuss Emily’s extensive knowledge of and journey into the world of NFTs and how these “digital collectibles” are working for the band.


Learn more about these limited offerings, new releases from the band, and more by watching the full interview here:

“September Mourning” is a transmedia project. The storyline of September, the reaper-human hybrid, is told through comic books, the music itself, as well as on-stage where band members portray characters. 

This storyline will be branching into additional medium, but specific details have yet to be released.

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